Steps Followed By A Retained Search Firm

In Texas, staffing agencies assist professionals who need to locate job vacancies in a variety of industries. They offer assistance for companies that have submitted requests for staff. The recruiters manage the process to ensure that high-quality candidates acquire these positions. A Retained search firm presents the opportunities for both companies and prospective candidates.

Acceptance of Resumes from Professionals

The recruiters assist professionals by accepting resumes from professionals. The professional candidates have the option to provide resumes for the recruiters in person or through online outlets. They must provide the recruiters with copies of their degree, letters of recommendation, and their current licenses. The recruiters review the candidate’s information and verify the fine details. Each candidate that passes the verification process moves forward with the screening process.

The Complete Screening Process

The screening process consists of reviewing the candidate’s criminal background and conducting a credit assessment. The candidates must sign a release to enable the recruiters to complete these processes. A criminal background check is required for all candidates. However, the credit assessment is needed for any positions related to finance or where the candidate will manage money. The screening process determines if the candidates provide any risks to the companies.

Examinations and Assessments

Professional candidates must complete examinations and assessments. These processes determine their current skill level. In select industries, the candidate must understand how to complete specific tasks. The examinations identify the candidate’s proficiency in information systems and other computer-based systems used in their preferred industry.

Scheduling Interviews with Business Owners

All candidates that pass the examinations and present higher proficiency levels are presented with interviews. The recruiters manage the interview process with the prospective employer. They may provide the candidates with advice and preparation for their interview. The employers inform the recruiters if they choose to hire any candidates.

In Texas, staffing agencies provide real opportunities for companies and potential candidates. It is through recruiters that candidates that have the right qualifications are connected with amazing companies. The recruiters can obtain contracts with professionals hoping to advance in their career as well. Candidates or companies that want to acquire assistance contact recruiters today.