Why Symantec Small Business Security Programs Are Evolving

The computer age has allowed businesses to expand faster than ever before in history, but those benefits come with dangers. As technical knowledge has grown, hackers have learned to access the sensitive data stored on business networks and devices. Big corporations invest millions of dollars in security to prevent these cyber attacks. Small businesses do not have that kind of money, so they rely on experts like Symantec to provide answers and protect them as threats change.

What a Cyber Attack Means to Business

A cyber attack is the deliberate breach of a computer system with the intent to do harm. It is carried out by hackers, or unauthorized personnel. They might launch an attack to steal personal or business data, deface websites, gain passwords or commit fraud. They often succeed by hiding malware in other, innocent information. Attacks come in a range of forms that include phishing, spyware, spoofing and viruses. When computers were first introduced to the public and became common in business, anti-virus protection was generally enough to identify and protect against most of these problems. Today that is rarely adequate, even for home users.

Why Antivirus Software Is Not Enough

Small businesses are primary targets for hackers because there are enough of them to generate millions of dollars from stolen information. Growing firms have traditionally relied on a combination of firewalls, antivirus programs and spam blockers to stop attacks. Those methods are now failing because companies often operate in the cloud. That means they store and access information on Internet sites, not necessarily on local computers. Also, many allow employees to use their own devices.

How Security Protection Is Evolving

Security experts are addressing small business vulnerabilities by adapting their programs to changing needs. For example, they offer endpoint protection delivered via the cloud. It not only secures computers in business networks, but offers protection for smart phones, laptops and tablets. There are also programs that block threats and allow companies to monitor web use.

Small businesses are exceptionally vulnerable to cyber attacks that can compromise sensitive data. As a result, many now rely on security experts who continually develop programs that protect against new threats. Options include cloud-based options that secure networks and all of the devices accessing them.